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About Us

INFHIDRO is a company specialized in providing innovations & solutions in the water soluble film (PVA) field. Our company has the resources and knowledge to manufacture PVA packing machines, to supply PVA film and related products such as PVA bags and pellets, to deliver R&D services and to supply contract packaging solutions trough our existing clients.

In INFHIDRO  we believe that our success is the success of your product…


The problem of traditional plastics is that most of them are derived from fossil fuels, which contributes to the greenhouse effect. Despite of plastic can be recycled, many of these waste plastics do not disappear from the environment. Recent research show that a plastic bottle may take about 200 years to decompose and approximately 25% of the waste generated in the world is plastic. This situation can not be mainted for longer. For these reasons INFHIDRO makes its contribution to the environment by trading and marketing biodegrable plastics, in order to help to reduce the impact of traditional plastics in the earth.

Goals & Mission


To apply PVA film in different sectors of the packaging industry, in order to innovate in the field, reduce the environmental footprint of traditional plastic in the ecosystem and improve safety when handling chemical products. 


To be a leading company in services & products related with PVA films and project implementation of PVA packaging plants. To trade and market machines, film and services in the following markets: Europe, Latin America, Russia, Turkish and Greater China area.

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