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Water Soluble Bags (PVA)

Hospital Laundry Sector

  • INFHIDRO offers a wide range of water soluble bags (PVA) crafted for isolating contaminated textiles in hospitals.

  • Contaminated textiles are are placed in the bags and dropped directly in the laundry machine avoiding contact.

  • INFHIDRO PVA bags get entirely dissolved during the laundry process without leaving any traces neither in the water neither in the textiles.

Agrochemical Sector

  • INFHIDRO offers a wide range of water soluble bags (PVA) crafted for packaging powder agrochemical products.

  • INFHIDRO PVA bags are biodegradable in contact with water which makes them an excellent replacement for traditional bags fulfilling any EPR program.

  • INFHIDRO PVA bags avoid the direct contact with the product packaged making safer handling agrochemical products.

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