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Water Soluble Film (PVA)

  • INFHIDRO offers a wide range of water soluble film (PVA) crafted for the specific needs of the packaging sector.

  • These PVA films are used for packaging laundry detergents, cleaning products, swimming pool products, agrochemicals and fertilizers.

  • INFHIDRO films gauges run from 20 microns to 200 microns and widths from 15 to 150 centimeters.

  • Chemical products with high water content or formulated with harsh chemicals can be packaged using water soluble film.

  • INFHIDRO  offers water soluble film for hot or cold water according to customer needs.

  • These films are specially manufactured to be compatible with both vertical and thermoformorming packaging machines.

Water Soluble Film Water Mark

Film Soluble en Agua

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